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Phone Session Appointments With the "Specific" Spirit Of Your Loved One

NOTE: International Clients Can Skype Their Sessions

After you make your appointment through Paypal (using your credit card or Paypay account), Sunni Welles will email you a confirmation.

30 Minute Session = $65


60 Minute Session = $125


First Time Clients = $100 for a 60 Minute Session


Voluntary Extra 5-Minute Block of Time = $10

NOTE: All clients who have paid in advance for session appointments, and do not for any reason schedule their session with Sunni Welles for a period of six (6) months following their payment, do willingly forfeit all monies paid ahead and advance for refund or otherwise.

After you make your appointment through Paypal (using your credit card or Paypay account), Sunni Welles will email you a confirmation.

Sunni Welles Has 4 Spiritual Gifts:

God has blessed Sunni with 4 spiritual gifts: A rare and amazing ability to call a "requested specific spirit" to a session, clairaudience, automatic handwriting, and discernment.

1. "Specific" Requested Spirits -- God has blessed Sunni with a rare gift to have a "specific" requested spirit to come to a session. So you don't have to talk to a great uncle, when you wanted to speak to your child, for instance. At the time of your session, her Angels of God will bring that spirit to the session with you.

1. Automatic handwriting -- means that the spirits take over Sunni's hand to write exactly what they want to say. They don't have to try to communicate through symbols or sign language.

2. Clairaudience -- means that Sunni can hear the spirits when they speak into her ear, as they write through her hand. If a spirit speaks to her, Sunni can reproduce the speech patterns of the spirit as she reads the handwriting. Sometimes the spirits sound just like they did on earth -- accents and all.

4. The Gift of Discernment -- Sunni's Angels have taught her how to test and clear spirits and angels according to the Bible, to be sure the spirit communicating is from God's spiritual realms and is the one you requested.

Put together, these four gifts mean that Sunni can call the specific spirit you wish to speak to, and then enable you to have a two-way, freely spoken, natural conversation with your loved one. Since she does this right over the phone, your will be in the comfort of your own home, any place all over the world.

During your uniquely "interactive" session with the requested spirit, you are encouraged to ask your deceased loved one or angel questions, which will help to make your session that much more gratifying and special. Validations will naturally flow through this way during this wonderful exchange of conversation with your loved one. It will seem as if you are talking to them over the phone once again, just like in the good old days.

Sunni Welles suggests bringing some questions for your loved one to the session, but do not disclose what they are ahead of time to Sunni. You will find that many times, before you even ask your questions, that your loved one starts answering them!

To contact Sunni Welles about a Session Appointment Inquiry, e-mail: SunniWelles@gmail.com

Please add her new email to your address book, so that her reply to you will get delivered to you and not automatically end up in your spam folder.

(For my past clients who notice that my informational requirements have changed, I have recently revised and streamlined my methods in reaching the "specific" requested loved one that you have requested. I will no longer request this information ahead of time. My Angels of God will be handling the specific spirit request at the time of your session.)

Appointments are made using CALIFORNIA PACIFIC TIME ZONE:

The clock below shows the current time it is in Los Angeles, California.
Los Angeles

Our Loved Ones Miss Us They miss us as much as we miss them. They are thrilled to be able to communicate with us to tell us they love us.

They can always hear us, but they really enjoy the chance to talk with us.

Our loved ones can also help us put things into perspective. They can help us see that "accidental" deaths are no accident, and "senseless" deaths are not senseless.

There is a reason for everything, and "all things work together for good for those who love the Lord." (Romans 8:28)

Knowing and understanding this can bring us great peace.



You can RECORD your entire Audio Skype Session by downloading the FREE software called Amolto Call Recorder for Skype. Click on this link to download FREE software: Amolto Call Recorder For Skype


By putting your phone on speaker, you can use a tape recorder to record both sides of the conversation. Also, Radio Shack on-line has an $10 device to hook up to your phone and your cassette recorder. You can view this at: Radio Shack SESSION TRANSCRIPTS HAVE BEEN DISCONTINUED

Please read more information about what a session is like with Sunni Welles by clicking on her FAQs page.