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About Sunni Welles


Sunni Welles is a well renowned and highly respected International Christian spiritual medium, who has the rare God-given gift of being able to call "specific" requested spirits to a session.

Welles the host of the Ask the Angels Show and is the author of Glimpses of Heaven From the Angels Who Live There and an expert teacher, consultant and author on the afterlife. She has been featured on Fox News and NBC's Arizona Midday, as well as in James Van Praagh's Chat Room as a featured speaker. She is the host of the Ask The Angels Show with Christine Duminiak.

Sunni does readings for those of all faiths. Sunni Welles' clients come to her from all over the world, thus they are people who are committed to many different religions and belief systems. Sunni's clients are not only Christian believers, but run the gamut from Muslims, Metaphysical, New Age Thinkers, and many clergy and theologians, such as Catholic priests and rabbis, etc.

How Sunni first received her spiritual gifts:

In 1994 majestic beings of light spontaneously stepped out of a mirror in Sunni's bedroom as she was sitting on her bed. These beings identified themselves as angels of God. They told Sunni that God was answering her heartfelt prayers she had been praying to be in service to Him, and that she was going to be assisting His angels in sharing essential and crucial heavenly messages for the world. Afterwards Sunni was given amazing spiritual gifts for this purpose and to also comfort the bereaved. Her book is a compilation of the angels' messages. Welles is highly respected in the field of bereavement support, where she uses her unique gifts to console others. Sunni's associate pastor tested the angels himself to be certain they were from God. He concluded that they indeed were angels of God.

At the time of this wondrous angelic experience, Sunni Welles was involved in a life-long career in show business since the age of 5. Her career took her all over the U.S., Canada, the Caribbean Islands, etc. She has appeared in motion pictures and on TV as an actress, but has also been a headliner herself as a singer/dancer in some of the most well known showrooms across America and the opening act for many well-known comics. She was a featured singer, in the Jazz and Jokes Lounge at Debbie Reynolds Hotel in Las Vegas with Debbie Reynolds from 1993-1996.