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Get a Free Reading with Sunni Welles!

Host a Get-Together with Your Friends and Family and Get a Free Reading.

(For California Residents Only)

It's A New & Intimate Way To Talk To Your Loved One In Spirit On Any Saturday or Sunday

At our “Get Together,” guests will “Meet Sunni Welles in Person," plus each person will receive a reading (guaranteed!), with the “SPECIFIC SPIRIT” of a Loved One of their choice! We'll have our event at either...

• The Host's Welcoming Home on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon or evening for approximately 3 to 4 hours!

• Or an agreed upon venue near the Host's Home (which Sunni Welles will schedule and pay for at her expense!)

• Or the host and guests can choose to enjoy the day, or perhaps the whole weekend in Sedona, AZ.

(Sunni Welles will schedule and pay for the reading event venue at her expense!)

Simply choose your preferred Weekend Date and Venue when you're ready to schedule your event with Sunni Welles.

Here's How to Be A Host and Get a FREE Reading:

1. The Host will invite 10 friends and/or family members (just TEN!) at $50.00 per person.

2. The Host will be responsible for scheduling and making 1 (one) full-payment for his or her entire group in advance of the event online through the Paypal Donation Button on this page.

The online booking will entitle the Host to a Free Reading either in person during the Get-Together or at a later time over the phone. It will be the Host's choice.
You can also invite extra guests if you'd like them to come along for moral support, and they'll pay only $10.00 per person at the door! However, these guests will not receive a reading.
Sunni Welles will get in touch with the Host to work out the details once she receives the request for a weekend date and payment made through her website.

"I promise that you and your guests will have a blessed, and amazing time!!!"

To Host a Group Reading/Get-Together for 10 people & Get a Free Reading:

For More Information Contact: Sessions@SunniWelles.com